The original speed that a ship travels. The speed decides the travel time between planets. Ship speed is increased above base with every level of engine researched.

  • Combustion Engine increases the speed of ships using a combustion engine by 10% of base for each level researched.
  • Impulse Engine increases the speed of ships using impulse engines by 20% of base for each level researched.
  • Hyperspace Engine increases the speed of ships using hyperspace engines by 30% of base for each level researched.

Ships by Base Speed Edit

ShipBase SpeedEngine Type
Espionage Probe 100,000,000Combustion Engine
Cruiser 15,000 Impulse Engine
Light Fighter 12,500 Combustion Engine
Battle Ship 10,000 Hyperspace Engine
Heavy Fighter 10,000 Impulse Engine
Small Cargo Ship* 10,000* Impulse Engine
Level 5
Large Cargo Ship 7,500 Combustion Engine
Destroyer 5,000 Hyperspace Engine
Bomber** 5,000** Hyperspace Engine
Level 8
Small Cargo Ship 5,000 Combustion Engine
Bomber 4,000 Impulse Engine
Colony Ship 2,500 Combustion Engine
Recycler 2,000 Combustion Engine
Death Star 100 Hyperspace Engine
Solar Satellite 0 None

* Small Cargo Ships start out with a combustion engine. Once Level 5 Impulse Engine is researched, all Small Cargo Ships are automatically upgraded to Impulse engines and take advantage of the faster speed.
** Bombers start out with an impulse engine. Once Level 8 Hyperspace Engine is researched, all Bombers are automatically upgraded to Hyperspace Engines and take advatage of the faster speed.

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