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It measures the damage that a combat unit can absorb until the structure of the unit is damaged. The actual shield strength of a ship in combat is calculated with the following formula:

$ Basic Shield Strength * {Shielding Technology Level \over 10}+Basic Shield Strength $

Units by Shield Strength편집

함선Shield Power
죽음의 별 50,000
전함 500
폭격기 500
순양함 200
이민선 100
구축함 50
대형 화물선 25
공격기 25
소형 화물선 10
전투기 10
태양광 인공위성1
무인 정찰기 0
방어시설Shield Power
대형 보호막 10,000
소형 보호막 2,000
이온 캐논 500
플라즈마 포탑 300
가우스 캐논 200
레이저(강) 100
레이저(약) 25
로켓 발사기 20

Special Cases편집

If the firing ships attack power has less than 1% of the defending ships shield power the shot is deflected by the shields in case they have not been shot down by heavier ship types. Example: The Light Fighter has 50 Attack Power, the Death Star has 50,000 Shield Power. This equals 0.1% and therefore the shot will be deflected.

This is known as the Bouncing Effect

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